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Archive | April, 2015

Is there a good way to get angry?

Dear friends, I don’t like myself when I get angry. In anger, I lose rationality and kindness. I seed future embarrassment. A reason often sparks our anger. The anger, however, seldom serves that reason. Instead, it inflames a part of us, while improving no one. It provokes counter anger. It makes others avoid us. That’s […]

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What to admire in others?

Dear friends, We often judge others based on the best of our abilities in our domains of excellence. My domains of excellence are few. I don’t wish to be judged outside my comfort zone. Nonetheless that’s precisely what I do to others. In reality, everyone is unique, with his/her own domain/s of excellence. The most […]

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Five Ways To Make Yourself Happier, Starting Today

Never tell a despairing person your philosophy of happiness.  Action items – ways to max out everyday life with gratitude and compassion – are worth more, when it counts the most. We heard a shortlist from Dr. Amit Sood, author of The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living in January, and he was back on Think earlier this week. Read […]

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The Happiness Habit

If happiness was easy, we’d all walk around every day with smiles on our faces. This hour, we’ll talk about making happiness a habit – and the exercises you can use to train your brain – with Dr. Amit Sood, author of The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness: A Four-Step Plan for Resilient Living. Listen online: […]

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How (not) to be safe and miserable?

Dear friends, Our life as a human is complex. We exist in many dimensions – physical, emotional, social, occupational, educational, financial, political, spiritual – and many others. Each dimension adds a rich flavor to the soup of our experience. This complexity comes at a cost – we simultaneously defend many forts on several fronts. Unable […]

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Can you palliate pain without the pills?

Dear friends, Pain, physical or emotional, is the leading cause of disability globally. Sadly, many suffer their pain alone, in cold silence, with little hope in sight. I find the pain that I have to bear alone, unbearable. I endure the pain much better when I know there are several others who wish I wasn’t […]

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