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Archive | May, 2015

Is impossible impossible?

Dear friends, I define impossible based on what my mind considers possible today. My mind is a very limited instrument that can’t peer through the fog of time. My mind can’t fathom the next act in the play of the ultimate magician duo – time and nature. Who would have known that a hydrogen bomb […]

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When do you earn a right to be wrong?

Dear friends, Our words and actions carry the stamp of our intentions. We are limited by the constraints of our circumstances. Thus, we have only partial control over what we say or do. Not so with our intentions. Our intentions are always in our control. We should exercise that control every single day. We have […]

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How is success a failure, and failure a success?

Dear friends, I wish I could learn from failures. I don’t. Failures push me into a dark place. I feel weak, lose confidence, get busy with countless what ifs, search for who I could blame. I hate failing. I find it much easier to learn from success. Success teaches me what works. Success expands my […]

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