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Archive | June, 2015

How to overcome envy?

Dear friends, I have a narrow definition of me and mine. Anything or anyone outside is the other. The rewards that me and mine get, however undeserving, is an occasion to celebrate. The rewards the other get, particularly those others who I consider my competitors, is an occasion for envy. I don’t envy everyone. I […]

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Can you change the world?

Dear friends, People who are totally selfless and live and breathe altruism are few. People who are totally selfish and malicious are also thankfully few. In between are all of us – with different degrees of imperfections, mostly well meaning as long as our personal desires are met. Depending on the day, we might be […]

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6 Simple Ways to Become a Happier Person Today

You can actually choose to feel happier every day—that’s the simple premise behind the new Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness ($16, It’s the work of Amit Sood, MD, chair of the Mind-Body Medicine Initiative at Mayo, who has devoted his career to learning how we can live with less stress and more joy. His […]

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Are you a happiness officer?

Dear friends, I neither look stunning nor strikingly ugly. On the days a few people tell me I look tired, I find the dark beneath my eyes a little darker. Conversely, on the days I hear a few good words, my mirror shows a different reflection. My self concept changes based on what I hear […]

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Mayo Clinic Scientist Reveals the Secret to Happiness in Four Simple Steps

As the Daily Mail revealed last night, a group at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has determined four key steps to achieving happiness. Dr. Amit Sood, who leads a team of researchers at Mayo, believes happiness is a choice and, in fact, says that forty to fifty percent of people’s happiness rests on the deliberate decisions […]

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Have we finally unlocked the secret to happiness? Scientists reveal the four simple steps that will banish the blues

What would it take for you to be truly happy? Forget money, health and success. According to one group of scientists, what you really need is a four-step, 10-week program that changes your mindset. Created by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the program uses a series of exercises that they say helps train people’s minds […]

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How healing others heals the self

Dear friends, Our minds are designed to focus on hurts. We can’t help it. Within that limitation, however, we have the power over which hurts we see. When I focus on my hurts and you on yours, we live in our hurts. When I focus on your hurts and you on mine, with an intention […]

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