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Archive | July, 2015

Can a perfect world remain perfect?

Dear friends, Let’s think about what it means to have a perfect world. This is a world with no natural disasters, plenty of resources, no crime, no disease, no premature death, and very long lives. I can assure you one thing – people living in this world will be very miserable. Let me explain why. […]

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Should you laugh at yourself?

Dear friends, I enjoy laughing with others. I am embarrassed to accept that I also sometimes enjoy laughing at others. The goofier their action, the better. I like to notice irrationality and silly mistakes, as long as they don’t hurt anyone. Yet, I don’t like to be a laughing stock. I don’t like anyone to […]

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How to direct your assumptions?

Dear friends, No story has just one character. If you remove me from my context I’ll lose most of my meaning. I also am a context for others who find meaning from me. My existence is contextual. My identity is in reference to everything that surrounds me, including my past. If you judge me out […]

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What is the true paradigm shift?

Dear friends, An animal existence revolves around eat, do not get eaten and reproduce – appetitive, defensive and reproductive pressures. Each of these forces enhances the self by protecting it or attracting energy toward it. Within limits this is appropriate and essential for survival. But one species on our planet has chosen otherwise. It is […]

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Who not to believe?

Dear friends, On most days I could use a pat on the back. Left to myself, the dial of my moodo-meter starts to dip down. I get depleted, until something lifts me up – a kind email, a warm hello, an authentic smile, a well-meaning text, or any other packet of energy that reminds me […]

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