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Archive | August, 2015

Happiness Is Healthy

Sanjay Gupta, MD, Everyday Health: Happiness feels good, but guess what: It’s also good for you. Amit Sood, MD, Chair, Mind-Body Medicine Initiative, Mayo Clinic: A happy person has healthy cells, healthy tissues, healthier and happier genes… Dr. Gupta: Dr. Amit Sood is a professor of medicine and head of the Mind-Body Medicine Initiative at […]

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Which worries are right?

Dear friends, On most days I struggle with one or more worries. I worry because I have preferences. I worry because I wish my world to be safe. I worry because I can imagine adversity and would like to prevent it. I worry because I am human and I care. Any species that has intellect, […]

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Mayo Clinic doctor has your prescription for happiness

A doctor at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic believes that he has the prescription for happiness. He isn’t arguing that we can buy happiness, but that we can achieve it. We can train our brains to feel less stressed and increase our inner bliss, overriding even genetic tendencies toward unhappiness, said Dr. Amit Sood, author of the […]

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How not to fall in the comparison trap

Dear friends, I want to feel good about myself. But I do a poor job at it. Ideally I should be happy about the good within me and admire the good in others. I do just the opposite. When I see good in others, instead of admiring it, I experience low self-esteem and envy; when […]

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Does time heal?

Dear friends, Tooth fairy takes away a lot of credit that rightly belongs to loving engaged parents. Time steals away the same credit about healing. Time isn’t the healer; the healers are the caring others, and your own mind. Granted, with time the memories fade, but true healing happens when the mind finds newer, fresher […]

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