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Archive | January, 2016

Immerse Week 4 – Lessons from a Cough

Working with old memories Dear friend, I saw a mother and her little girl sitting in an airport lounge. The little girl was unwell; she was constantly coughing. Her mother wasn’t sure how to help her child, other than by hugging her, giving her sips of water, and patting her back so she could fall […]

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Immerse Week 4 – Accepting Imperfections

During this week you’ll try to embrace the imperfections that surround you by finding meaning in them, and you’ll minimize revisiting hurtful memories. Can a perfect world remain perfect? Dear friend, Let’s think about what it might mean to have a perfect world. This will be a world with plenty of resources, no natural disasters, […]

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Immerse Week 3 – Laughter

A good laugh Dear friend, Laughter evolved to defuse tension, improve social connection, and create bonding. When we laugh with others, we send the message, “I like you, and I am willing to play with you.” Hearts that laugh together, beat together. Research shows laughter provides a good physical workout, generates mental relaxation, lowers blood […]

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Immerse Week 3 – Softening Judgments

During this week you’ll practice delaying judgment of others by assuming positive intent, and you’ll also develop the healthy habit of being able to laugh at yourself. If you have to assume… Dear friend, No one exists in isolation. If you remove me from my context, I’ll lose most of my meaning. I also provide […]

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Immerse Week 2 – Selflessness

True paradigm shift Dear friend, An animal existence revolves around eating, keeping from being eaten, and reproducing—appetitive, defensive, and reproductive pressures. Each of these forces enhances the self by protecting it or attracting energy toward it. Within limits, this is appropriate and essential for survival. But one species on our planet has chosen otherwise. It […]

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Immerse Week 2 – Relationships

During this week you’ll heal your relationships by bringing greater wisdom and love into your life, and you’ll begin to create a world where greed is rare and fear isn’t necessary. A lesson from Pearl Harbor. Dear friend, In December 1941 the world witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor which was followed, in August 1945, […]

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Immerse Week 1 – Self Belief

In a recent study, one out of every two girls avoided activities such as swimming and other sports because of body-image issues, and one out of four girls was afraid to raise her hand in class. So many of us miss out on precious opportunities because we feel inadequate and afraid to speak up. Prevalence of low self-esteem is difficult to precisely measure in the population, but it is likely high. Estimates range from 20 to 80 percent.

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Immerse Week 1 – My Singing

During this week you’ll anchor in your primary identity—that of a kind human being—and lift your self-esteem by choosing whom to believe and whom not to. Anchor in your primary identity. Dear friend, I had no idea how bad a singer I am until one day, while I was singing, my daughter started crying. She […]

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