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Immerse Week 9 – Past Can Be Changed

During this week you’ll change your past by looking at it with a different lens and develop greater equanimity toward life’s imperfections. Have you lived well? Dear friend, I was born with a biological instruction manual that is stored in the six-foot-long DNA, tightly packaged in the nucleus of my microscopic cells. Most of the […]

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Immerse Week 8 – Family Tree

How big and connected is your family tree? Dear friend, Some of the biggest known family trees in the world—of Confucius, Lurie, and King Niall—make up a fraction of the real family tree of each one of us. The family tree of Confucius, for example, over eighty-six generations, is believed to have about three million […]

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Immerse Week 8 – Gainful Losses

During this week you’ll cultivate a healthier attitude toward losses in life, and you’ll feel connected with a world much larger than your family, workgroup, or neighborhood. Overcoming the fear and regret of losing Dear friend, I fear losing. I fear loss of life, loved ones, respect, health, money, and much more. I know I […]

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Immerse Week 7 – Desire What You Deserve

What is a more realistic seeking? Dear friend, I should ask for what I genuinely deserve. I don’t deserve a life free of adversity. With a third of my fellow citizens experiencing chronic pain and half likely to develop cancer, I shouldn’t expect a pain-free, loss-free existence. It is more reasonable to request greater courage […]

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Immerse Week 7 – Self-Worth

During this week you’ll develop a more mature sense of self and nurture healthier desires so you seek, not out of greed, but for what you truly need and deserve. Secure sense of self Dear friend, Your self-worth is the intrinsic value you assign to yourself. You can’t estimate your self-worth by comparing yourself with […]

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Immerse Week 6 – It’s Up to Us

Soften your biases and invite values. Dear friend, Max, a fourth grader, is standing in the principal’s office with his head down. He just hit a classmate in the face. He knows the drill. But who is to blame? Is Max the one to blame? Did he fail us, or did we fail him? This […]

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Immerse Week 6 – Count Your Blessings

During this week you’ll be intentional about counting your blessings, and you’ll develop a healthier connection with others by recognizing their priorities and honoring their constraints. What is as important as being blessed? Dear friend, During a flight I saw a child inconsolably crying; she had been denied a second lollipop. Her dad, keeping her […]

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Immerse Week 5 – A Different World

You can live in a different world by changing how you look at your familiar world. Dear friend, Raised inner eyebrows and high cheekbones—our brain uses these two signs to decide whether a face is trustworthy. And we decide that in about thirty milliseconds—before we can even recognize whom that face belongs to. Until very […]

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Immerse Week 5 – Worries

During this week you’ll try to befriend your worries and look at others and your world with fresh eyes (perspective). The right worries Dear friend, On most days I struggle with one or more worries. I worry because I have preferences. I worry because I wish my world to be safer. I worry because I […]

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