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Archive | March, 2016

Immerse Week 11 – Power from Values

During this week you’ll increase your strength by aligning your days with the deepest meaning and serving the biggest number, and you’ll practice receiving in giving. Increase your power…tremendously. Dear friend, The mayor of a city has greater influence on the city’s happenings than a citizen without office; a country’s president has greater power than […]

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Immerse Week 10 – Novel and Familiar

Find novelty in the familiar and familiarity in the novel. Dear friend, Most experiences fit on a continuum that ranges from predictable and familiar (which can be comforting but boring) to novel and unique (which is often fun and exciting but can be anxiety provoking). The same experience (e.g., a new neighbor) moves from novel […]

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Immerse Week 10 – Thinking about Thoughts

During this week you’ll practice being more intentional about how and what you think, and you’ll wake up to discover a world more interesting and friendlier than you thought. Think intentional thoughts. Dear friend, Your calm face and still body belie a very active inner physical environment. As you read these words, perhaps you’re totally […]

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Immerse Week 9 – Root and Fruit

A tree has to endure being a root for it to flower and fruit. Dear friend, When a seed germinates by absorbing water and nutrients, the first thing to emerge beneath the ground is the embryonic root, also called the radicle. Next the shoot appears and slowly threads its way above the ground. Leaves then […]

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