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Archive | April, 2016

Forbes: Five Tips To Help You Handle Criticism And Become A Better Professional

Risk-averse, conflict-avoidant, people-pleaser – though a description of many in today’s workforce, these characteristics can be detrimental to true innovation, where failure, criticism and defending an idea may be necessary. Although these traits may be default when young and new to the workforce, adhering to these characteristics may create a lack of experience for millennials – the lack of criticism. Being criticized […]

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Immerse Week 17 – Morning Drive

During this week you’ll experience more moments when you are fully present, and you’ll help others, particularly children, discover a kinder and happier world. You have a choice. Dear friend, As I am driving to work in the morning, I see a school bus, with its red lights flashing, standing close to my cul-de-sac. I […]

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Immerse Week 16 – Invisible Suffering

What proportion of suffering is invisible? Dear friend, The planets, stars, and galaxies we can see today make up only 4 to 5 percent of the universe. We cannot see the rest, often called dark matter (27 percent) and dark energy (68 percent). Perhaps with more-refined instruments we will have better luck seeing the totality […]

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Immerse Week 16 – Boarding Pass

During this week you’ll find greater meaning and depth in each person you meet, and you’ll practice deeper compassion by recognizing the invisible suffering that surrounds you. Lessons learned from a used boarding pass Dear friend, After a local flight, as I was about to toss a used boarding pass into the garbage, I took […]

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Immerse Week 15 – Healing

Did healing come before suffering? Dear friend, In the evolution of the universe, physics preceded chemistry, chemistry preceded biology, and biology—when it became complex enough to support insight, imagination, and intelligence through sculpting the human brain—spawned culture. Matter thus preceded life on our planet. Food came before hunger, air before breath, water before thirst. To […]

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Immerse Week 15 – Depths of Kindness

During this week you’ll increase your depth of kindness and live with healthier optimism, believing that every suffering can, and eventually will, find healing. You can always be kinder. Dear friend, Research shows kindness activates anti-inflammatory genes in ourselves, while anger activates pro-inflammatory genes. You have a choice regarding which genes to activate today. Kindness […]

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Immerse Week 14 – Little Something

You can always do a little something to lift someone’s day. Dear friend, I am standing in front of a teller. I am a customer at this bank. But I am more than that. I am a father, husband, son, brother, cousin, friend, neighbor, colleague, professional, citizen, patient, seeker. I am protecting, in my mind, […]

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Immerse Week 14 – Good-Bye to Loneliness

During this week, you’ll find a path out of loneliness and practice being extra patient with others and yourself. Never allow yourself to feel lonely. Dear friend, Loneliness is a discrepancy between desired and perceived social connection. While solitude, which is the chosen state of isolation from social connection, can increase concentration, creativity, and productivity, […]

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