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Archive | May, 2016

Immerse Week 22 – Does Time Heal?

During this week you’ll be more intentional about filling your moments with healing thoughts and perspectives, and you’ll wisely decide which problems and projects to engage with and which to let go. Time is the stage on which healing is enacted. Dear friend, Different philosophers, physicists, and religious authorities have different perspectives on the nature […]

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Immerse Week 21 – Three Selves

Integrate your multiple identities. Dear friend, I am Homo sapiens. Like most fellow beings of my species, I have forty-six chromosomes in my cells. I think; I breathe; I can’t fly, but I can walk, run, and swim. I have many identities based on my relationships, race, country of origin, gender, intimacy preference, profession, neighborhood, […]

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Immerse Week 21 – Mistake Doctor

During this week you’ll be grateful for those who help you become a better person by informing you about your imperfections, and you will create synchrony among your thoughts, words, and actions. Those who point out your mistakes are your well-wishers. Dear friend, As a physician I completely believe in prevention. Breast cancer treated at […]

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Immerse Week 20 – Settling Scores

Can scores ever be settled? Dear friend, I wish I never needed to seek forgiveness or forgive anyone. But my vulnerabilities are many and my desires protean. My seeking gets frustrated at times, by others or by pure chance, creating moments I wish I could forget and forgive. Forgiveness, however, doesn’t come naturally to me. […]

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Immerse Week 20 – Subtle and Gross

During this week, you’ll recognize and harness the power in your thoughts, and you will try your best to forgive the past, knowing that revenge only breeds counter revenge. Do thoughts create the brain? Dear friend, My thoughts host my desires. Desires prompt seeking, which leads to actions. Actions transform matter into its more complex […]

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Immerse Week 19 – Z Check

You have a choice in what you focus on. Dear friend, I was talking to an air force fighter pilot about the importance of prioritization and focus. Halfway into our discussion, he shared how he lands his aircraft. He would do what they call a Z check, to scan all the cockpit gauges and indicators. […]

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Immerse Week 18 – The Best Revenge

During this week you’ll commit to forgiveness by finding greater meaning in it, and you’ll be careful about who enters your thoughts. The best revenge is forgiveness. Dear friend, Forgiving those who attacked them or their tribe, stole cattle, and burned their homes would have made no sense to hunter-gatherers, who commonly died from external […]

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