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Archive | June, 2016

Immerse Week 26 – Conscience

During this week you’ll live your days fully listening to the voice of your conscience, and you’ll be kinder and more compassionate and accepting of yourself. Listen to the conscience, not just to the mind or the senses. Dear friend, Your entire repertoire of conscious experience comprises an integration of three inputs—sensory information from the […]

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Immerse Week 25 – Rx Gratitude

During this week you’ll practice being grateful for the little and larger blessings by finding positivity even within adversity, and you’ll live your days aligned with your deepest meaning. How gratitude can help tide over the adversity Dear friend, That was a tough day. Our younger daughter, Sia, had a raging infection. Her fever was […]

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Immerse Week 24 – Organized

How best to organize your day Dear friend, A day is 1,440 minutes. During a day, on an average, your heart beats one hundred thousand times, and you take twenty thousand breaths. No one precisely knows the number of thoughts per day. Estimates range from a few thousand to up to fifty thousand. In a […]

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Immerse Week 24 – Childlike

During this week you’ll actively nurture your sense of wonder and excitement and practice living your day with your deepest, most pious value. Preserve your innocence and curiosity. Dear friend, Kids are self-centered. They can’t think abstractly. They often don’t treat others the way they want to be treated. They lack patience. Yet they are […]

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Immerse Week 23 – Little Problems

The gift of minor irritations Dear friend, Our home recently had an unwelcome visitor—a mouse. Let’s call him Mr. Mousey. Mr. Mousey left his mark—his droppings—all over the dwelling, putting our entire family on alert. We went on a cleaning rampage, setting up traps to catch him before he could invade the pantry. We finally […]

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Immerse Week 23 – Is Normal Phenomenal?

During this week you’ll recognize the extraordinary within the ordinary and find greater meaning in the daily little challenges. Recognize the extraordinary within the ordinary. Dear friend, It takes a full year for a baby’s cooing sounds to turn into words, and another one to two years for these words to join into a simple […]

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Immerse Week 22 – Dropped Balls

Which balls should you let drop? Dear friend, Juggling, the art of tossing and catching objects while keeping them in perpetual motion, has been around for at least four thousand years. From a favored art to a disgraceful activity to a resurgence in the mid-twentieth century, juggling has become a popular sport, and most cities […]

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