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Immerse Week 30 – Hope

The sun will always rise, no matter what. Dear friend, Astronomers estimate that each day approximately 275 million stars are born. Our galaxy alone has 200 to 400 billion stars. With over 100 billion galaxies in the universe, many believe the universe has more stars than the number of sand particles on all the earth’s […]

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Immerse Week 30 – Vending Machine

During this week you’ll appreciate your connectedness with others and commit to remaining hopeful despite getting stuck in difficult circumstances. The world isn’t a vending machine; it is our cosmic mother. Dear friend, Evolutionary biologists teach us that we are inclined to behave most selflessly toward those who are genetically closest to us. In the […]

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Immerse Week 28 – Pleasant and Good

Good isn’t always pleasant. Dear friend, Our minds love to marinate in the pleasant, addicted as they are to short-term gratifications. If that were not the case, we wouldn’t find calorie-dense food irresistible, a proportion of us wouldn’t cheat in marriage, and a search for tax evasion or corporate fraud on the Internet would produce […]

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Immerse Week 27 – Pancakes

Each moment is fresh and novel. Dear friend, Weekday breakfasts are perhaps the most neglected meal of the day. We often skip breakfast or swallow the bagels like alligators—eating without tasting. Breakfast, when it happens, is often a speedy intake of calories, caffeine, and information. We seldom savor, think, or connect during this time. Our […]

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Immerse Week 27 – Blame Game

During this week you’ll seek what is right in the other person and assume he or she has good intentions, and you’ll find greater novelty in people and experiences that might otherwise have felt familiar and ordinary. Validate before blaming. Dear friend, Research shows we don’t see what our eyes see; we see what our […]

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