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Archive | August, 2016

Immerse Week 35 – Our First Flight

During this week you’ll lower your threshold for happiness and learn to focus your energy on your effort without getting anxious about the outcome. The lower your threshold to be content, the greater meaning you will fulfill. Dear friend, My first flying experience was a one-hour flight as a newly married twenty-six-year-old. We got clumsy […]

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Immerse Week 33 – Put Envy to Work

Envy can inspire you into excellence. Dear friend, I have turned red with embarrassment, blue with melancholy, yellow with cowardice, gray with boredom, pink with happiness, purple with relaxation, and white with fear. Of all the colors, the one I am least proud of is turning green with envy. Envy is the pain I get […]

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Immerse Week 33 – Balance

During this week you’ll seek to transform your vulnerabilities so they serve a higher meaning, and you’ll turn your envy into inspiration. Harness your fear, greed, and selfishness to serve the world. Dear friend, As much as I would like to live an ethical, moral life, I struggle with three of my mind’s predispositions—fear, greed, […]

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Immerse Week 32 – Sweet Mangoes

How to deal with difficult people Dear friend, I have had a very long love affair with mangoes. Yet I can’t always tell the sweet ones from the sour. Color isn’t always a good guide. Some mangoes are perfectly ripe when green; others turn yellow, orange, or red by the time their mealy starches turn […]

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Immerse Week 31 – Bad and Good

Good and bad depend on context. Dear friend, Despite my unflinching commitment to honor life, as a physician, I have witnessed untold agony where death seemed the preferred alternative. Severe pain or unremitting nausea unresponsive to the strongest medications in a patient with terminal cancer is difficult to watch. I and the patient’s loved ones […]

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Immerse Week 31 – Compassion and Suffering

During this week you’ll reframe previous suffering and recognize that even those who seem unkind may have helped you and may have something to teach you. Let suffering, personal or witnessed, evoke compassion, until you reach a point where your compassion is spontaneous without the need for suffering. Dear friend, Suffering, personal or witnessed, often […]

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