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Archive | September, 2016

Immerse Week 39 – The Ultimate Philosophy

During this week you’ll embrace the essence of philosophy, poetry, and spirituality/compassion, and you’ll become stronger by aligning your life with your deepest values. The ultimate language of love is compassion. Dear friend, Love means wanting good for the other. Love is the biological equivalent of gravity. It provides the meaning that glues relationships together. […]

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Immerse Week 38 – Fully Alive

Be willing to improve, and soften your urge to improve others. Dear friend, After a full meal, I often find myself in front of the refrigerator, wondering what more I could eat. My one-quart stomach may have no space left, but my mind isn’t satisfied. This is because, even though I ate enough calories, I […]

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Immerse Week 38 – Light and Darkness

During this week you’ll actively look for goodness and truth around you, and you’ll more fully appreciate your world by softening your desire for perfection. The wider I open my eyes, the more light I can see. Dear friend, Vultures soar in the sky, looking for carcass, while humming birds dart from one tree to […]

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Immerse Week 37 – Honesty

Be extraordinarily grateful today if you don’t have to be dishonest for bare survival. Dear friend, Honesty means speaking and living by the truth. With respect to honesty, people come in four different flavors. Some are habitually dishonest. Others choose to be honest as long as it serves their purpose. Still others are, barring extreme […]

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Immerse Week 37 – Truth and Temptations

During this week you’ll sidestep your ingrained biases so you can more easily access the truth, and you’ll renew your commitment to living a life of integrity. Your version of truth is colored by your mind’s ignorance and the unfulfilled desires that create biases. Dear friend, Truth is sacred; it transcends time and isn’t limited […]

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Immerse Week 36 – Your Lease

During this week you’ll develop a healthy attitude toward your assets, and you’ll live your days as a student, fully willing to learn. Your possessions are temporarily leased to you. Dear friend, When I depart an aircraft after a flight, I often notice eager passengers waiting to board the same plane that I just exited. […]

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Immerse Week 35 – Wiser Choices

Give your best and don’t dwell on the outcome. Dear friend, My four-year-old can’t lift a table or push a heavy chair. Yet she wants to be admired as a strong, independent “big girl.” We often help out—as she pushes the chair, we add our force, while making sure she doesn’t see that we are […]

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