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Archive | October, 2016

Immerse Week 44 – Preferences

During this week you’ll develop flexible preferences and strong principles and cultivate the courage to speak, listen, accept, and live by the truth. Be flexible about your preferences and strong in your principles. Dear friend, Flexibility is often described as the quality of bending without easily breaking. The willow tree is a great model of […]

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Immerse Week 43 – The Sacred Food

Each day feed your body, mind, and soul. Dear friend, Modern aircraft seating comes in multiple varieties. Some of the variations in seating include different types of phone slots, USB and AC ports, tablet ledges, back pitches, winged headrests, fold-down tables, leg and arm rests, recliners, fully flat beds, all the way to large private […]

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Immerse Week 43 – Varying Vulnerabilities

During this week you’ll decrease your vulnerability by deepening your connection with values and softening your attachment to cravings and fears, and you’ll feed your whole being—body, mind, and soul. As long as we have cravings and fears, although the specific vulnerabilities might change, we will stay vulnerable. Dear friend, There was a time I […]

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Immerse Week 42 – Changing and Changeless

Let the changing be perceived as novel and not overwhelming; let the changeless be perceived as comforting and not boring. Dear friend, The idea that created you and me hasn’t changed. That same idea put hearts and lungs in our chests, brains in our skulls, and intestines, livers, and kidneys below our diaphragms. I was […]

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Immerse Week 42 – Who Are You?

During this week you’ll discover that the ultimate wisdom comes in practicing kindness for fellow beings, and you will honor the similarities and differences you have with others. Seeing the light in others will help you see the light within yourself. Dear friend, “Who am I?” is a powerful question. Spiritual luminaries have held the […]

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Immerse Week 41 – Tooth Fairy

If you assign a positive meaning to a loss, the loss could become a gain. Dear friend, I remember the gleam in my elder daughter’s eyes when she (finally) discovered her first loose tooth. She looked forward to the visit from the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy, she had heard, was magical and kind, and […]

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Immerse Week 41 – Knowing Others

During this week you’ll recognize that everyone has struggles similar to yours, and you’ll learn how the tooth fairy’s visits could have different meanings depending on how old you are. Others are more similar to you than you think. Dear friend, A typical supermarket has about forty thousand items on the shelf. Given that an […]

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Immerse Week 40 – Global Enemy

Our common global enemy is collective human suffering. Dear friend, As I write these thoughts, I am recovering from a scathing one-star review of my previous book. Last night when I held my four-year-old close in my lap, she provided sobering feedback: “Daddy, your teeth are so yellow!” My most recent talk wasn’t as well […]

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Immerse Week 40 – Deeper Vision

During this week you’ll see others as sacred and priceless and feel connected with everyone working to decrease global suffering. See others from a deeper place within you. Dear friend, I ask an audience of over nine hundred people, “How many of you know someone in your life who is priceless to you?” Every single […]

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