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Archive | December, 2016

Immerse Week 52 – Instinctive Compassion

Let compassion become your habit so you do not need intentional effort. Dear friend, Joey, right after birth, climbs into his mother’s pouch. Leatherback turtle babies need no instruction to walk toward the ocean after they emerge from the eggs. Human moms come preprogrammed with countless skills to care for their young. These complex behaviors, […]

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Immerse Week 52 – A Bad Day

During this week you’ll shed your idea of perfection in favor of humility, and you’ll aspire to become instinctively compassionate. Shed your idea of perfection, because it depends on your imperfections. Dear friend, One of my core fears is that someday I will think that I have become nearly perfect. That will be a very […]

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Immerse Week 51 – Healthy Anger

Harness your anger so it seeds transformation, not regrets. Dear friend, Just as baboons show their canines, kitties hiss, screech, and beat their tails, and frogs puff themselves up when angry, humans lower their eyebrows, thin their lips, flare their noses, and push up their chins—all designed to convey the message, “Watch out; I have […]

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Immerse Week 51 – My Hope

During this week you’ll live with the hope that your kindness will touch others and help them become kinder, and you’ll develop a healthier attitude toward anger. Do everything you can to protect yourself from the hurtful action without letting go of compassion for the ignorance that prompted the hurtful action. Dear friend, I was […]

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Immerse Week 50 – The Right Battle

During this week you’ll pick the right battle—instead of emptying the mind, you’ll choose to fill it with gratitude and compassion, and you’ll clear the mind of its dirt so it will be a purer abode for the priceless within you. Try not emptying the mind; instead, fill it with kinder, happier, fewer thoughts. Dear […]

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Immerse Week 49 – Facts Are Opinions

Wisdom lies in asking deeper questions and, through search for the answers, becoming a better human being. Dear friend, Myths are widely held beliefs often related to the supernatural. Many myths are totally imaginary, while others are created to explain perceivable sensory experiences. Myths serve several very important roles. They connect us, provide shared beliefs, […]

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Immerse Week 49 – Admiring Beauty

During this week you’ll carry no unhealthy wants, and you’ll develop greater openness to learning, recognizing the limitations of your knowledge. Find freedom from unhealthy desires. Dear friend, Beauty is the perception of something as pleasing, particularly to the eyes. Things, experiences, and places considered beautiful are often evolutionarily associated with enhanced survival. Different cultures […]

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Immerse Week 48 – True Seeing

See others as they wish to be seen. Dear friend, I hardly see others these days, let alone see their true self. This is partly because of my weak attention. Research shows that presently an average person can maintain sustained attention for only about eight seconds (compared to nine seconds for the goldfish). Our ability […]

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