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I am in love…with humans.

I am in love… with humans.

No other animal writes books on forgiveness, looks toward heavens, donates for others thousands of miles away, sacrifices one’s own life to save strangers, and cares about other species.

Every known life form is busy adding to its energy. Only humans choose to give away energy that they could have used. We are unique.

Yet we aren’t perfect. When we forget what makes us distinct from the rest of the creation, we become like the rest of the creation. But within all of us is a seed of perfection. It is that seed which I love.

Our task is to water and help that seed grow. In that effort is our hope for decreasing suffering and fulfilling our evolutionary responsibility which is to collectively create a happier and kinder world for our children.

The world is kind because there are children in it. Whenever in doubt about what you should do, ask yourself this question – will this be right for our planet’s children? If the answer is yes, you are on the right track.

This holiday season and in the new year, take care of your loved ones and nurture the child in you!

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