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Immerse Week 47 – Perfectionists

Can the grip of perfectionism be softened? Dear friend, Our three-year-old likes to put everything on the carpet—books, cookies, straws, toys, bowls, phones, cereal boxes, tablecloths, paper napkins—everything. Keeping up with her is enough to meet the American Heart Association’s daily recommendations for physical activity. It also tests our patience. One week, she became very […]

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Immerse Week 47 – Healing Old Hurts

During this week you’ll develop a healthier way to overcome your hurts, and you’ll soften the instinct of perfectionism. Revisit old wounds to heal them, not open them afresh. Dear friend, In the soil rich with fear, selfishness, greed, and ignorance, the seeds of unkind words and actions sprout. Such seeds, when they get lodged […]

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Immerse Week 46 – Easy

Appreciate what seems easy, since it often reflects insights obtained by years of toiling. Dear friend, I like it easy. Easy things don’t strain my mind’s muscles. But I easily discount them. As a result, I often take easiness for granted. It risks losing value, meaning, and the joy it might provide me. Easiness is […]

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Immerse Week 45 – Bless the Sneeze

Sprinkle deeper values in routine daily activities. Dear friend, The sneeze is a useful reflex to rid your nose of irritants. Coordinated by a sneezing center in the lower part of the brain (also called the brainstem), sneezing involves elevation of the tongue and lowering of the palate, thus causing partial closure of the mouth, […]

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Escape the Avalanche of Negative News

Dear friends, Let’s say you accidentally step on a nail. Do you withdraw your foot or dig deeper? The answer is obvious. What happens when you watch negative news? Do you turn off the television or watch more? Most of us get glued to the television, isn’t it? Do you see how our pain receptors […]

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Immerse Week 44 – Truth

The unpleasant truth is infinitely more precious than pleasant farce. Dear friend, We live in an epidemic of lying. Research shows that about 60 percent of adults lie at least once in a ten-minute conversation. About 40 percent lie on their resumes, and 90 percent lie on their online dating profiles. Lies come in various […]

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Immerse Week 44 – Preferences

During this week you’ll develop flexible preferences and strong principles and cultivate the courage to speak, listen, accept, and live by the truth. Be flexible about your preferences and strong in your principles. Dear friend, Flexibility is often described as the quality of bending without easily breaking. The willow tree is a great model of […]

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Immerse Week 43 – The Sacred Food

Each day feed your body, mind, and soul. Dear friend, Modern aircraft seating comes in multiple varieties. Some of the variations in seating include different types of phone slots, USB and AC ports, tablet ledges, back pitches, winged headrests, fold-down tables, leg and arm rests, recliners, fully flat beds, all the way to large private […]

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