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How to navigate the night of hopelessness?

Dear friends, Astronomers estimate that each day approximately 275 million new stars are born in the universe. Our galaxy alone has 200 to 400 billion stars. With over 100 billion galaxies in the universe, many believe the universe has more stars than the number of sand particles on all the earth’s beaches combined. We, of […]

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What is your only day’s job?

Dear friends, At each conscious moment you are in a relationship – with yourself, others or the world around you. The specifics of the engagement vary depending on your immediate needs and preferences, and what you are entrusted with. No matter the specifics, the universal nutrient that can nourish each of your relationships is kindness. […]

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How healing others heals the self

Dear friends, Our minds are designed to focus on hurts. We can’t help it. Within that limitation, however, we have the power over which hurts we see. When I focus on my hurts and you on yours, we live in our hurts. When I focus on your hurts and you on mine, with an intention […]

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Can you pick healthier addictions?

Dear friends, Most spiders are venomous, however, only a few (brown recluse and black widow in the U.S.) are of significant concern. As such spider bites are rare and fatalities due to these bites extremely rare (few to none each year). Dog bites are much more common (800,000 per year with 20 fatalities). More lethal […]

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When do you truly fail?

Dear friends, Crabapples are more popular as ornamental trees or for helping pollinate nearby apple trees, than they are for their fruit, which is particularly sour and woody. Each spring, the crabapple in our backyard flowers, fruits and then come fall – sheds it all. We don’t eat those fruits; none of its seed has […]

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Validate Before Blaming

Humans have selective hearing and vision. We see, hear and believe only the details that confirm our preset beliefs. The truth I perceive is colored by my preferences. My preferences are committed to protect the meaning I find most worthy. Not realizing that my truth is thus just one version of the ‘real’ truth, I […]

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Dying too soon

Fear of death is amongst the top fears in our society. I too have this fear. It has become worse after I became a parent, knowing that two precious souls totally depend on me for their wellbeing. Every life form runs away from the possibility of death. This is particularly worse in humans because of […]

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Stop Editing

I wish I knew where I was going, where I came from, how the tomorrow will look, the meaning of it all. I don’t. I wish everyone became kind, no child ever cried, each pain found its soothing balm, no one ever suffered. That won’t happen in my lifetime. I am more ignorant than I […]

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Success and Failure

During a typical day, an average person spends fifty percent of the time struggling with a desire. The desire is to experience something pleasant, that our mind considers good, and avoid unpleasant, that our mind considers bad. This seems rational, but has one flaw. I want good but I don’t know what good really is. […]

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Inspiring Gratitude

Dear friends, Being accosted by someone who doesn’t mean well can be a most unsettling experience.  I hope no one ever has to go through it. Matthew Henry, who wrote the well-known six-volume Exposition of the Old and New Testaments (1708–1710) orComplete Commentary, endured such an experience.  While living in London a group of robbers attacked him and […]

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