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I am in love…with humans.

I am in love… with humans. No other animal writes books on forgiveness, looks toward heavens, donates for others thousands of miles away, sacrifices one’s own life to save strangers, and cares about other species. Every known life form is busy adding to its energy. Only humans choose to give away energy that they could […]

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I Dream

I dream Our children live in a world Where every human is a sage Where the language is of love Words speak wisdom Trust is the law Fear is extinct Greed is unwelcome Anger isn’t needed No one is alone No pain ignored No cry unheard We all have a home A warm home The […]

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What is it about?

Dear friends, It isn’t about being in the present moment. Being constantly in the present is difficult and impractical. Zebras and zucchinis are both in the present, but don’t get enlightened. It isn’t about stilling the mind either. Deep sleep is a restful state of which you carry no memory. Your thought process gets close […]

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