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Forbes: Five Tips To Help You Handle Criticism And Become A Better Professional

Risk-averse, conflict-avoidant, people-pleaser – though a description of many in today’s workforce, these characteristics can be detrimental to true innovation, where failure, criticism and defending an idea may be necessary. Although these traits may be default when young and new to the workforce, adhering to these characteristics may create a lack of experience for millennials – the lack of criticism. Being criticized […]

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Today: Pain relief may be as simple as taking a breath

For what seems like the sixth time today, you’ve slammed your knee against your desk and it’s throbbing. Is it time for a pain pill? Try a breathing meditation instead. A new study finds that easy-to-learn mindful meditation significantly reduces pain. “We see really dramatic reductions in pain after the four-day intervention,” says Fadel Zeidan, […]

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Cosmopolitan: 16 Surprising Reasons You’re Stressed at Work

There’s not a human on the planet who’s immune to stress. It’s a natural reaction designed to help you face dangerous, threatening situations by stepping up to the plate — or running like hell. In the short term, this is highly effective: Your body releases a bunch of hormones; boosts your blood pressure and heart rate to send […]

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MPR News: ‘Handbook for Happiness’: Resilience is key

Dr. Amit Sood has written the book on happiness. “The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness” proclaims that “happiness is a habit.” Sood’s guide identifies strategies and techniques for finding — and keeping — the right attitude. Sood joined MPR News’ Kerri Miller to talk about a key part of happiness: resilience. He likened resilience to […]

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Forbes: How To Start Up Without Breaking Down

Startup founders are asked all the time about their funding, their development plans, their twelve-month goals. What they’re asked about less often is how they’re actually doing — and that can be a real problem. Running a company is stressful. But no one seems to actually talk about it. At a panel at the Forbes […]

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