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Immerse Week 12 – Pleasant vs. Unpleasant

Should unpleasantness dilute the pleasant or pleasantness dilute the unpleasant? Dear friend, I like watching sunrises and sunsets. Even though I know that the sun isn’t actually setting, that the earth’s movement causes the sunset, I can’t help but see it as the sun moving down the horizon. The same is true regarding the illusion […]

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Immerse Week 12 – Self-Image

During this week you’ll meditate on and be inspired by the goodness within you and focus on the positive aspects of your life, using the strength of positivity to dilute and transcend the negativity. You are a good human being. Dear friend, My hats off to men and women who quit an addiction. It isn’t […]

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Immerse Week 11 – Bee and Flower

Giving is receiving, and receiving is giving. Dear friend, When you notice a bee alighting on a flower and mindfully sipping its nectar, you might think it is the bee that is receiving help. That is only half the truth. According to some estimates, bees pollinate a third of the food we eat. The cost […]

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Immerse Week 11 – Power from Values

During this week you’ll increase your strength by aligning your days with the deepest meaning and serving the biggest number, and you’ll practice receiving in giving. Increase your power…tremendously. Dear friend, The mayor of a city has greater influence on the city’s happenings than a citizen without office; a country’s president has greater power than […]

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