Course Outline: Resilient Living

Initial Self Evaluation

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be asked four questions about your well-being. This step will take approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

The Program

The program has twelve modules. Each module has five core components:

  • Quiz – Answer a few multiple choice questions that test your baseline knowledge
  • Video – Watch short video/s that introduce you to the principles and practices
  • Study – Read the suggested chapter/s of the book, The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living (book to be purchased separately)
  • Retake the quiz – Check how much you have learned by taking the quiz again
  • Integrate – Think about the ideas you learned. Write key take home points in a journal or notebook.
  • Practice some of the exercises in your daily life (action items) and share what you learned with others.

Self Evaluation

Once you have completed the course, you can then retake the self-assessment questions. You’ll receive feedback on your progress and be awarded a certificate of completion.

Next Steps

You’ll also be invited to remain connected with us through additional options. We wish for you to maintain a life-long stress free lifestyle.

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