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Forbes: Five Tips To Help You Handle Criticism And Become A Better Professional

Risk-averse, conflict-avoidant, people-pleaser – though a description of many in today’s workforce, these characteristics can be detrimental to true innovation, where failure, criticism and defending an idea may be necessary. Although these traits may be default when young and new to the workforce, adhering to these characteristics may create a lack of experience for millennials – the lack of criticism.

Being criticized is not easy, especially when you are young. Learning to handle criticism wisely and appropriately can take years, and unfortunately, it can take getting it wrong before you get it right. Though it can be uncomfortable, young professionals must remember that you can’t foster a successful career or startup company by pleasing everyone. There will be critics, and the best thing you can do is learn how to handle criticism with tact – the answer isn’t avoiding what is necessary to your personal and processional growth. Here are five ways to handle criticism appropriately.

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