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Forbes: How To Start Up Without Breaking Down

Startup founders are asked all the time about their funding, their development plans, their twelve-month goals. What they’re asked about less often is how they’re actually doing — and that can be a real problem. Running a company is stressful. But no one seems to actually talk about it.

At a panel at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, three such stressed-out founders and one expert in stress management discussed their experiences with stress, telling their stories to a group of their peers with one big message: You’re not alone. It’s okay to be stressed. Everyone does it.

Pelu Tran, whose source of stress FORBES covered earlier this year, is the product chief at Augmedix, a company geared at bringing Google Glass to doctors to help them with record keeping. January was a big year for Tran: He made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Healthcare, and his company raised a $16 million Series A. But the day after the funding was announced, Google decided it would shutter the consumer side of its Glass operation — leaving Tran defending his product to his own customers, who thought perhaps the entire Glass project was over.

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