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Dear friends,

You and I face one common enemy – suffering. Pain, physical or emotional, when it becomes unbearable, is experienced as suffering. Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is optional. My goal is to help you find a path so you can bypass suffering in this life. One reward of traversing that journey is finding greater happiness.

Happiness is a habit. Some of us are innately happy. But most others have to choose. We often, however, don’t realize we have that choice. We also don’t know how to exercise that choice. As a result, we push happiness away. Let that not happen to you.

Join me, if you wish, to spend the next week of your life, choosing greater happiness. Each day, you’ll be guided to a practice that can make you happier. To enroll, you’ll need to register with your name and email address to connect with us for the next week. Select ‘Happiness: A One Week Journey,’ below for more information.

Take care.


Happiness: A One-Week Journey

Welcome to the program – Happiness: A One-Week Journey

The program is free of charge. You’ll receive an email each day of the week that’ll guide you to a practice for that day. Each practice is designed to enhance your happiness. Please feel free to adapt the practice to your particular situation. I’ll start with a brief description of happiness.

Happiness is the state of being happy or experiencing positive emotions. A number of factors that I group into essential and additional contribute to your happiness.

Essential: Two essential factors without which you can’t be happy are – feeling safe and feeling worthy.

Additional: Experiencing something pleasing, immersing yourself in the activity, finding meaning in what you are doing and engaging in altruistic activities – all enhance your happiness.

Let’s look at each of them a bit deeper.

A. Essential

  • Safe: A mind struggling with fear can’t be happy. Safety is both physical and emotional. Working or living where emotional hit and run is common, isn’t conducive to sustained happiness. The world needs a resounding commitment to kindness, if we wish for most of us to be happy.
  • Worthy: I can’t be happy if I feel worthless. My sense of self-worth depends on how I perceive others value me and how I value myself. My self-worth also depends on how I value others. The more I enhance others’ self-esteem, the better my self-esteem.

B. Additional

  • Pleased: Our mind and senses love experiences that evolutionarily were associated with enhanced survival. Delicious food, pleasant aroma, enjoyable music, financial gain, friendly company, attractive partner – all are pleasant. Each of these enhances happiness, particularly when you are feeling safe and worthy.
  • Immersed: I have learned never to disturb a two-year-old working her way with a puzzle. She is in a state of ‘flow,’ fully absorbed in the experience. This ‘flow’ state, no matter what initiates it, is innately pleasant. Often, you arrive there when you have just the optimal combination of challenge, mastery and novelty.
  • Meaningful: Meaningful activity is one that aligns with your life’s goals and that helps you make the world happier and kinder. Activities that may neither be inherently pleasant or immersive (such as volunteering in a nursing home, cleaning up a highway) could enhance happiness by virtue of you finding them meaningful.
  • Altruistic: Eating dark chocolate boosts happiness in many. Giving away dark chocolate also increases happiness in the majority. Try it! Thoughts or actions that are noble and unselfish are inherently pleasing. The happiness they bestow also lasts much longer since you can keep visiting the memory in your mind and feel rewarded.

Over the next week, I’ll suggest practices that I hope will help you with one or more of the above aspects. If you wish to participate, please register with your name and email address and then stay tuned for the first email tonight! Please look at the Healthcare Disclaimer and other information by reading the ‘Terms‘ section of this website before you register.

Take care,


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