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Immerse Week 11 – Power from Values

During this week you’ll increase your strength by aligning your days with the deepest meaning and serving the biggest number, and you’ll practice receiving in giving.

Increase your power…tremendously.

Dear friend,

The mayor of a city has greater influence on the city’s happenings than a citizen without office; a country’s president has greater power than the mayor. Everything else being equal, the bigger the group you serve, the greater your power. If you primarily work for yourself, you have some power; if you work for planet earth, you might feel much more passionate and powerful.

You also draw power from the truth you are trying to protect. Your own biases are less powerful than scientific theories; timeless wisdom even more powerful than scientific theories. When you work to protect your personal biases, you have limited power; when you work to protect timeless wisdom, your power multiplies.

In the real world, you’ll be working for a group, a company, or a system, mostly to protect its underlying mission. In your own heart, however, you could work for planet earth and uphold timeless virtues. This belief will provide you tremendous inner strength and help you excel in your pursuits. It will also provide a secure inner compass that can guide you to always do the right thing.

May you be strong; may your strength come from the people and values you serve.

Take care.

@AmitSoodMD (on Twitter)

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