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Immerse Week 13 – Taste of Water

Water tastes better when you are thirsty.

Dear friend,

Scientists disagree on whether water has its own natural taste. Some believe that we have no taste buds for pure water. Like quiet is to the ears and dark to the eyes, water is null to the tongue—a baseline from which we can compare other tastes. Other scientists find unique brain areas activate when subjects drink water (particularly among rats) and believe that water has its own taste. Most agree that the taste of water depends on what is mixed in it and what you tasted just before (and is still sticking to your tongue).

Perhaps the taste of water is immaterial. The satisfaction and joy from drinking water depend less on its innate taste and more on how thirsty you are. On days you have wide access to water and drink liberally, it tastes bland and unappealing. But think about a day when you have been walking in the sun for an hour, sweating, with no access to water. Finally, when you get to a source of cool, pure water, won’t it taste truly blissful, like the most satisfying drink ever?

The quality of your life’s experiences depends on the nature of the experienced and the nature of your inner instrument (the experiencer). Between the two, the nature of the instrument is of much greater influence.

Once you recognize that each experience is unique and precious, each person is extra special, and you have finite moments to perceive them, you’ll bring your complete presence and anticipation to savor your moments. An ordinary dinner will give the same joy as a multicourse gourmet meal prepared by a celebrity chef, your loved one’s eyes will look better than sunrise in Hawaii, and connecting with an old acquaintance will feel like a twenty-five-year reunion. You’ll awaken the child within you who knew how to have fun. You’ll get more out of your days and your life. And water might taste better too!

May the music of joy fill every corner of your home; may your ears be attuned to hear that music.

Take care.

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