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Immerse Week 39 – The Ultimate Philosophy

During this week you’ll embrace the essence of philosophy, poetry, and spirituality/compassion, and you’ll become stronger by aligning your life with your deepest values.

The ultimate language of love is compassion.

Dear friend,

Love means wanting good for the other. Love is the biological equivalent of gravity. It provides the meaning that glues relationships together. It comes in many flavors—that of playmate (ludus), friend or family (philia), partner (pragma), self (philautia), and the whole world (agape). There is also the purely physical attraction, often called eros.

Love often starts with infatuation, which turns into passion. Passion leads to commitment, which spawns nurturing. Nurturing naturally transforms into selfless life-long devotion to the beloved. Passion, commitment, nurturing, and devotion are all powered and enabled by a common single force—kindness.

World over, the single most desirable attribute in a person is kindness. Your daily kindness is an expression of the most vital and most powerful force—compassion, the ultimate wisdom and the ultimate love.

Compassion means wanting good for the other. Love and compassion are thus the same. Compassion recognizes and validates pain, and intends and strives to relieve it. Compassion is happy in others’ happiness, with no occasion for envy. Compassion is the essence of emotional intelligence, professionalism, leadership, and morality.

I haven’t met anyone who is compassionate yet incompetent. Compassionate people naturally care, and thus they work diligently to acquire the skills to help and serve. Any business entity that embraces compassion will eventually outshine its competition. Health care uses knowledge and technology to deliver compassion. Remove compassion, and you are left only with disease management.

Compassion is the primary virtue that creates a livable and happy world. You are the parents’ enemy if you intend to hurt their children. You are the enemy of the creation if you hurt the creation’s children—all of us. I love those who love my children; I believe the entire creation will love us if we love creation’s children—by feeling and expressing compassion to each other.

When you remove the juice from an orange, the remaining fiber is tasteless and bereft of nutrients. It loses its “orangeness.” Similarly, if you remove compassion from life, every philosophy and belief will become dry. Compassion is the vital essence and the primal force that keeps human life humming on our planet.

If you wish to keep our planet alive, practice compassion. If you wish to receive kindness, give kindness. That’s the timeless commandment.

May you and your little ones thrive in a world built with compassion; may you help others and their little ones thrive in a world you build with compassion.

Take care.

@AmitSoodMD (on Twitter)

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