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Immerse Week 7 – Desire What You Deserve

What is a more realistic seeking?

Dear friend,

I should ask for what I genuinely deserve. I don’t deserve a life free of adversity. With a third of my fellow citizens experiencing chronic pain and half likely to develop cancer, I shouldn’t expect a pain-free, loss-free existence. It is more reasonable to request greater courage and wisdom so I can better face adversity.

Courage is your willingness to confront pain with strength, so moments of adversity become memories of glory. Courage weakens the grip of suffering, provides a source of focus and vitality, and multiplies willpower—all attributes that harness adversity to create an engine for growth. Such courage is a choice accessible to all of us. You’re more likely to exercise this choice if you can find meaning in the adversity, through wisdom.

Wisdom is the capacity for right judgment. It is much more than knowledge. It is a combination of knowledge, experience, deeper insight, and compassion. In my pain, wisdom might discover a life-affirming meaning that could numb the pain. Within the losses, wisdom might find gains that make the losses look smaller.

When I ask for what I can’t get or don’t deserve, I degrade the value of my asking. I also embarrass the giver. If I truly believe that my desires influence what comes to me, I should seek wisdom and courage, not freedom from pain and loss.

May your desires be pious; may all your pious desires be fulfilled.

Take care.

@AmitSoodMD (on Twitter)


Question: What is a more realistic seeking?

Answer: Seek wisdom and courage, not freedom from pain and loss.

Intention: This week I will not seek a life free of difficulties; I will seek strength and wisdom to overcome the difficulties.

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