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Immerse Week 9 – Past Can Be Changed

During this week you’ll change your past by looking at it with a different lens and develop greater equanimity toward life’s imperfections.

Have you lived well?

Dear friend,

I was born with a biological instruction manual that is stored in the six-foot-long DNA, tightly packaged in the nucleus of my microscopic cells. Most of the pages in this manual explain survival and safety procedures. Now that I have lived for nearly five decades, my thoughts and experiences have edited this manual and created a second version—one tweaked to provide greater peace and happiness without jeopardizing survival or safety.

I wish I had had this revised version several decades ago. I wish I could relive my past using some of the skills I now have learned. I can’t. I do, however, have a choice.

I can look at yesterday differently than I did when I was experiencing it. I can be grateful for what was right, find right in what seemed wrong, and be compassionate for the suffering I and others endured. I can choose to accept my own and others’ imperfections and forgive the hurts. I can try to find meaning in the pain that I endured. This new approach will help me live each day with purpose. It will help me be happier.

Past can be changed, by looking at it with a different lens. While everything could have been better than it was, if I am convinced that I now have the knowledge and skills to live a good future, then perhaps I have lived a good past.

May your hope and excitement for the future more than offset your regrets and hurts for the past.

Take care.

@AmitSoodMD (on Twitter)


Question: How do you know if you have lived well in the past?

Answer: If you feel that you now have the knowledge and skills to live a good future, then you have lived a good past.

Intention: This week I will look at my past with gratitude and compassion, with the intention of finding meaning in my past adversities.

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