PGK Score

You will get a three digit score for PGK, in that sequence. For example if you selected 2 for presence, 2 for gratitude and 3 for kindness, then your score will be – P2G2K3. It’ll give you an idea where you are and in which aspects you can improve.

Presence Score


Gratitude Score


Kindness Score


Set an intention to improve your PGK score for today. For example, if you scored P2G2K3, and wish to enhance your gratitude (so your score is P2G3K3), then try to savor and be grateful for small pleasures of the day.

My hope is that eventually your score is consistently P4G4K4, with days when you even touch 5, at least with gratitude and kindness. If you would like to know more please view the Immerse Course by clicking on the button below!

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