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Stress Management and Resiliency Training is a single–session workshop.


Transform is a two-day training course followed by six months of guided learning in your home.

Watch Dr. Sood explain the brain’s role in stress.

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Your brain operates in two functional modes:

  1. The engaged mode of intentional presence (Focused mode)
  2. The distracted mode of mind-wandering (Default mode)

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The distracted mode is automatic and generates excessive stress, anxiety and discontent. In the focused mode you’re fully alive, creatively work with what is, thrive in relationships, and find a greater sense of ease and joy – in work as well as play. An untrained brain spends the bulk of its time in the distracted default state. But we have a choice. We can train our brain so it spends most of the day in the focused mode.

In this program, I offer you a practical, structured and scientifically proven approach to engage your brain’s focused mode. I’ll share novel breakthrough insights about your brain and mind, and how they run your life. Guided by these insights, you’ll find actionable strategies to nurture greater peace, happiness and emotional strength. In over a dozen research studies and in clinical practice, this program, in different versions, has helped tens of thousands of people improve their stress, anxiety, resiliency, quality of life, positive health care behaviors and happiness.

Let’s create a happier and kinder world for our children and ourselves.


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