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Brent Bauer, MD FACP

Dr. Bauer is board-certified in Internal Medicine, a Professor of Medicine and has been on staff at Mayo Clinic for 21 years.  He is Director of Mayo Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program and fellow of American College of Physicians.  His main research interest has been the scientific evaluation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies that patients and consumers are using with increasing frequency.  He has authored several book chapters and over 100 papers on this topic, and is the Medical Editor of the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine.    He is a member of numerous scientific review panels and is currently collaborating on over 20 studies being conducted at Mayo Clinic evaluating CAM therapies ranging from acupuncture to valerian. His work is at the forefront of the emerging field of Integrative Medicine which combines the best of conventional medicine with the best of evidence-based complementary therapies.

Dr. Bauer is the medical editor-in-chief of the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine, and also serves as a medical editor of Mayo Clinic EmbodyHealth newsletter, an employee health publication from Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, as well as Mayo’s consumer health information website, and its subscription newsletter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter. He lectures extensively on topics related to wellness and complementary and integrative medicine, and serves as the program host for a 10 DVD series on wellness and integrative medicine.  He has received numerous awards for innovation, excellence in teaching and leadership.  He lives with his wife and three children, two boys and a girl, in Rochester, MN.


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