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Hanna, Sherrie M., M.A., L.P.

Sherrie Hanna joined Mayo Clinic in 1999 working in the department of psychiatry and psychology as a psychometrist. She has worked extensively with the aging population in her role doing neuropsychological testing and evaluations. She received the Individual Award for Service Excellence at Mayo Clinic in 2005. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas as an undergraduate and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology in 1993. She graduated summa cum laude from St. Mary’s University of MN earning her Master’s degree in counseling and psychological services in 2004.  She is a Licensed Psychologist.  Her primary role is program manager and cognitive rehabilitation therapist for the Healthy Action to Benefit Independence and Thinking (HABIT) program for people with mild cognitive impairment.  Her clinical and research interests include cognitive rehabilitation, brain injury, chronic subjective dizziness, migraine, neurocognitive disorders, and healthy aging.  She has been married 24 years, and considers her greatest accomplishment by far to be her 2 sons, Carson and Caden.

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