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Hilliker, Daniel R., Ph.D., L.P.

Daniel Hilliker is a pediatric psychologist and co-chair of a clinical division here at Mayo Clinic.  He has worked in children’s hospitals and specialty clinics for about 18 years, and spends much of his time at work interacting with children and families who are coping with considerable stress and medical uncertainty.  He enrolled in AIT primarily as a means of enhancing his professional career, but quickly realized that he was benefitting personally to an even greater extent than he was professionally.  His wife Terri directs a non-profit and teaches dance. As a member of a “hectic” household with two working parents and two busy boys (Dylan, age 15, and Jack, age 11), AIT has been especially valuable in helping him enjoy mindful moments, stay anchored to core values like gratitude, compassion, and acceptance, and feel confident in his resilience.

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