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Kautz, Catherine I. (Cate), R.N., C.N.P.

Cate has provided care to patients at Mayo Clinic since 1996. In her current role as a Radiation Oncology nurse practitioner, Cate helps patients survive cancer even when the disease itself cannot be cured. Her parents died at young ages of cancer which, in all likelihood, reveals why and how she was called to this particular career. She has worked as a journalist and newspaper editor and even worked for a few years as a model. Health care, however, has, unequivocally, represented her calling.  Cate first began to study and practice AIT two years ago after a traumatic event nearly took her life. The experience, she believes, changed the entire trajectory of her life. Cate can think of no better way to show her gratitude to AIT and Dr. Sood than to give back to her patients and colleagues that which was given back to her.

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