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Lewis, Cathy

Cathy Lewis graduated from NYU with a BA in Psychology and Urban Design and from Smith College School for Social Work with a MSW. She began a private practice working with trauma related disorders until 2002. She retired from private practice in Denver to raise her then 10- year-old son in Florida. With time to read and focus on more spiritual pursuits, she found her way to mindfulness practices, particularly meditation. In 2012, her personal and spiritual strength were tested by the tragic death of her then 20-year-old son, followed by the death of her father 3 months later after a brief battle with cancer. Attention and Interpretation Therapy training along with a daily practice of meditation and several Mindfulness retreats guided her through her grief and strengthen her personal and spiritual development.  It is from this experience that she now finds her sense of purpose returns to aiding those suffering from traumatic loss and grief by incorporating mindfulness therapies.

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