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Storey, Lisa

Lisa Storey is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and currently works as a Licensed School Counselor at the middle school level in Rochester, Minnesota.  She began her career in education as an elementary teacher for three years then moved into elementary and middle school counseling for the last two decades, receiving the Elementary School Counselor Award for the State of Minnesota in 2003.   Her life’s purpose is to use schools as the vehicle to make the world a better place by teaching young children ways to develop character and ways to work effectively with their thoughts and emotions.  Because of Lisa’s commitment to mindfulness and brain research, her focus in recent years has been in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) techniques to help students get ‘unstuck’ and move in a more helpful direction.  Her incorporation of SMART into the school setting has added a new and exciting layer to her mission.  In addition to counseling, Lisa also studied Eastern Healing Arts from Windemere Institute of Healing Arts and graduated from that program in 2002.

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