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Precisely what the world needs. Dr. Sood has put together a simple, secular and structured program that is anchored in science, is free of rituals and dogmas, and is accessible to everyone. This book can change your life.— Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Amit Sood is a visionary physician, who realizes patients are active ingredients in their own healing. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-free Living describes an important innovative approach to well-being, one we all should know about.— Dr. Daniel Goleman

The program gave me a way of looking at my experiences and left in a more “ego-less” way – releasing my mind from some of my introspectiveness.— Debra V.

I believe most people don’t know how their brain works and knowing how the brain fires and how it’s wired helps a lot in reducing your stress. Together with the principles: gratitude, compassion, acceptance, higher meaning, and forgiveness make this course priceless!!— Estefania M.

I feel everyone should take this class. I have learned that I do have control over my mind and my feelings. I `felt this class was taught to touch people at whatever spiritual point they are in their life.— Deb W.

I realized how different I am than we started…I noticed I was smiling and enjoying myself in the moment. The black holes and ruminations are fading to nothing.— Dianna P.

Understanding how the mind works and learning tools to train it and then have a variety of choices on how to use the tools, adapting to different people and situations, makes ALL of the difference.— Colleen P.

It has changed the way I deal with daily stress and anxiety and given me a new perspective/outlook on life. I am humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to start learning this so early in my career.— Katie H.

Overall I learned the importance of trying to be the best person I can be every day and forgiving myself when I stumbled.— Barb B.

I would like to thank Dr. Sood for providing a framework for some of life’s most basic and fundamental principles.— Tammy W.

Practicing gratitude becomes infectious – I find that the more gratitude there is, the more there is to be grateful for. The question is not where the suffering came from, but now that it is here, where can it take us? Anchoring on higher principles makes me a happier, more joyful person and better able to transform negatives…The joy has been in living through the process- becoming more aware of myself and the beautiful world around me.— Sarah M.

I enjoyed that these concepts can be integrated into daily life.— Paula A.

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