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Dr. Amit Sood is a visionary physician, who realizes patients are active ingredients in their own healing. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-free Living describes an important innovative approach to well-being, one we all should know about.— Dr. Daniel Goleman

Precisely what the world needs. Dr. Sood has put together a simple, secular and structured program that is anchored in science, is free of rituals and dogmas, and is accessible to everyone. This book can change your life.— Dr. Andrew Weil

I LOVED this course. I am still and will likely always be working through the material. However, I am seeing improvement and I love it. I really like the practical applications and the opportunity to meet so many neat people.— Scott K.

The program gives you the resources to live better, be better, and by doing so, make the world better! It gives you the structure, framework, tools and insight to reduce your stress and increase your resilience.— Amer K.

I liked the practical implementable tools, great mix of people and it was well-paced and clear. Wow, Dr. Sood!— Chris A.

The program gave me a way of looking at my experiences and left in a more “ego-less” way – releasing my mind from some of my introspectiveness.— Debra V.

I liked the coherence and integration of both theory and practice of the content. Thank you.— Reed S.

It has changed the way I deal with daily stress and anxiety and given me a new perspective/outlook on life. I am humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to start learning this so early in my career.— Katie H.

I am so very thankful to have had the privilege of being part of this course. It’s been a really enjoyable steeping off point to what I believe will continue to be a very interesting journey.— Daniel H.

It is clear to me that AIT is the foundation for a way to exist in a state of true freedom regardless of the life situations that happen. Truly, this course is a work of art designed to serve humanity by showing us the doors to our own freedom. We just need to apply some effort to open the doors and smell the fresh air.— Eric K.

This program is totally transformative because it helps to refocus attention to more productive and positive thoughts. And our thoughts can drive our behavior – hopefully healthier thinking leading to healthier behavior.— Debra V.

The program provided practical application that is easily integrated and relatively accessible for patients in a short-time period. Spiritual at its core, but universal in scope.— Deborah L.

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