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Precisely what the world needs. Dr. Sood has put together a simple, secular and structured program that is anchored in science, is free of rituals and dogmas, and is accessible to everyone. This book can change your life.— Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Amit Sood is a visionary physician, who realizes patients are active ingredients in their own healing. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-free Living describes an important innovative approach to well-being, one we all should know about.— Dr. Daniel Goleman

The program provided practical application that is easily integrated and relatively accessible for patients in a short-time period. Spiritual at its core, but universal in scope.— Deborah L.

I now have the skills to more effectively deal with stress. I want to share this with friends and family.— Jon S.

I liked the practicality, the stories, the research, participants’ sharing, Dr. Sood’s emails, passion, wisdom and humility. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the class. Awesome program!— Colleen P.

The program is extremely valuable for me! To be a better human being, member of society, family member. I really appreciate the meditation. IT MAKES SENSE! I appreciate all of the program – especially the scientific connection to the attention/interpretations. I so appreciate learning the higher principles and the purpose of higher principles in relation/connection to my spiritual life.— Karen H.

I like the coursework with Dr. Sood, lack of pressure/lofty goals and instead simple tools for living; neuroscience underpinnings and Dr. Sood’s anecdotes!— Sanna Y.

I liked how simple it was to incorporate in my life. It was a very practical practice. Working with a theme each day helped to anchor my thoughts…This was an amazing experience! Thanks for spreading these messages! I am very grateful for getting to be a part of this.— Laura P.

This is a way to focus outside of myself and my own anxiety…I loved it all. The initial two-day meeting, getting to know all of the people, Dr. Sood, the teleconferences, the email, the hope it has given me.— Stephanie R.

This AIT class, including the wonderful emails and phone conferences has been a god-send to me. One of the things that really appeals to me about Attention and Interpretation Therapy is its universal application. Compassion, acceptance, love and forgiveness are basic human values that rise above differences – such as ethnicity, occupation, religion or sexual orientation – that we sometimes use as barriers. Our interconnectedness requires us to do our best to make interpretations based on principles rather than prejudice.— Nancy L.

It raised my level of consciousness. It helped me to live the present moment with the principles of gratitude, compassion, acceptance, meaning in life and forgiveness. I am more aware of the people around my life. This program gives us the path to spirituality.— Anamilena D.

I enjoyed the emails and the many words of wisdom that you, Dr. Sood shared. The summary of your years of personal growth was especially meaningful and as it pointed out that heartfulness is an ongoing commitment and learning experience.— Mary E.

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