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What is it about?

Dear friends,

It isn’t about being in the present moment. Being constantly in the present is difficult and impractical. Zebras and zucchinis are both in the present, but don’t get enlightened.

It isn’t about stilling the mind either. Deep sleep is a restful state of which you carry no memory. Your thought process gets close to still at that time. Yet deep sleep, desirable as it is, by itself can’t lead to wisdom or self-actualization.

So what is it about? It is about love. Life transforms when love consistently fills your present. Such a state initially needs intentionality. It needs a striving which depends on wisdom. This wisdom provides freedom from the mind’s attachment to fear and craving. Such freedom lets the mind cultivate gratitude, compassion, and acceptance. Such freedom finds meaning and breathes forgiveness. That is the nature of love. When love fills every corner of your experience, empowered by wisdom about the nature of existence, then time zones don’t matter. Past, present and future give the same experience – that of abiding calm and perhaps even joy.

You become fully alive and in your aliveness crave this thought – what if everyone with me was in this state of aliveness. Well we will be there some day. Until then, let’s keep working…

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